MagicMed’s focus is on the development of the world’s foremost library of psychedelic derivatives, called The Psybrary™.

Psybrary 1

Designed to be the leading provider of novel drug candidates for biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.


Combining syntethic biology and chemistry enables the largest, most diverse portfolio of psychadelics derivates possible.

Patenting 1

Extensive, robust patenting covers compositions, manufacturing, and uses for millions of possible drugs candidates.

To create the novel derivatives contained in the Psybrary™, the MagicMed team combines synthetic biology and traditional chemistry techniques. This combination allows MagicMed to create a library of molecules that is larger and more diverse than what chemistry techniques alone can achieve. MagicMed analyzes, catalogues, and stores the molecules to find desired characteristics, such as an improved safety profile. Screening a vast library of drug candidates generates a sizeable amount of data that can be processed and used to improve future generations of the Psybrary™.

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Drug Design

Molecules contained in the Psybrary™  represent elaborations on the basic chemical scaffolds of natural psychedelics such as psilocybin, DMT and mescaline. Ongoing synthesis of these new molecules is achieved using innovative chemistry, biochemistry, and synthetic biology methods. Through MagicMed’s partnerships with the University of Calgary, the science team has access to state-of-the-art facilities and on-site expertise. The Psybrary pipeline relies on routine use of high-resolution MS, fermentation, NMR, and preparative HPLC instrumentation. Once new compounds of sufficient purity are added to the Psybrary, they are ready for pharmacological screening. MagicMed is developing their pharmacological pipeline to include non-clinical (receptors/cell lines), pre-clinical (animal) and ultimately clinical (human) evaluations.  Furthermore, MagicMed is establishing partnerships with AI firms with the aim of streamlining the candidate selection process, and creating a process for data feedback and machine learning. While each feature of the established and unfolding workflow is designed to create new, clinically useful molecules, MagicMed also aims to learn more about how psychedelics work and build on this knowledge.


The standard pharmaceutical candidate screening process is a consistent bottleneck in bringing standard pharmaceutical candidates to market and acts as a primary determinant of eventual clinical success or failure. This is especially true in the psychedelics industry due to a limited understanding of the mechanisms underlying observed clinical data. 

The Artificial Intelligence technology that MagicMed is developing, called PsyAI™, is intended to streamline pharmaceutical design by predicting structure, manufacturing capabilities and pharmacological effects in an effort to accelerate the modernization of psychedelic medicines. Combining PsyAI™ and the Psybrary™, MagicMed’s large-scale novel molecule creation platform, creates an opportunity to accelerate the development of optimized pharmaceutical candidates, each tailored specifically for difficult-to-treat mental health indications.

PsyAI™: Significantly Accelerates Screening

Psybrary™ molecules are analyzed with state-of-the-art approaches to realize, improved safety profiles, and enhanced efficacy.

Testing generates new data leveraged to improve future iterations of the Psybrary™.

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