Client Partnerships

MagicMed has built an interdisciplinary research and development group comprised of world-class, Ph.D.-level scientists and industry leaders. The team has a record of success in the development of novel synthesis methods for pharmaceutical molecules such as opiates, cannabinoids, and pseudoephedrine. MagicMed’s expanding PsybraryTM and emerging drug development pipeline opens doors to a wide variety of business opportunities and partnerships. One attractive prospect is that partners targeting specific indications can survey the derivatives contained in the Psybrary™ and select candidates for focused drug development. As part of this process, MagicMed would work with its partners to further refine and improve the selected derivative molecules, enabling the initial phases of drug development.

MagicMed’s approach to IP is to establish broad “protection umbrellas” covering the use of as many novel derivatives as possible, such that molecules pursued by MagicMed and/or its partners are likely to be “patent protected.” The IP protection offered by MagicMed to its partners is essential for investor confidence during the expensive, years-long road to bring new medicines to market. Without IP protection, there is no feasible way to recuperate the gargantuan costs incurred drug development. MagicMed de-risks its operations by generating revenues throughout the drug development cycle. MagicMed is open to a wide variety of business models, including partnerships that require the performance of R&D and/or due diligence activities, milestone delivery, and other activities for which compensation is built-in to mutually beneficial contracts. MagicMed is also open to revenue-generating models involving licensing of IP to drug development companies. MagicMed Industries’ platform enables a suite of possibilities, benefiting all parties – while significantly de-risking the business.

Research Partners

The University of Calgary is a global intellectual hub located in Canada’s most enterprising city. In our spirited, high-quality learning environment, students thrive in programs made rich by research, hands-on experiences and entrepreneurial thinking. Our strategy drives us to be recognized as one of Canada’s top five research universities, engaging the communities we both serve and lead. This strategy is called Eyes High, inspired by the university’s Gaelic motto, which translates as ‘I will lift up my eyes.


Founded in 2015, Cognistx is a Pittsburgh-based applied AI company, building multi-strategy AI systems for clients across the U.S. Cognistx create AI-powered computer systems that can sense, learn, and act. The company founders are pioneers in the fields of automatic question-answering, speech processing, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and applied machine learning. The team at Cognistx is able to efficiently combine and customize the best advanced technologies- their AI building blocks – to create applications that extract meaningful insights to produce measurable impacts for their clients.


April 19 Discovery Inc. is an AI-driven drug-discovery company entirely focused on developing and screening novel compounds for psychedelic medicine. The ‘psychedelic renaissance’ promises to provide much needed therapies to treat depression, PTSD, anxiety, addiction cessation and other mental health conditions. Salina is a division of April 19 that is developing AI-driven biomarkers (e.g. EEG analytics) to automatically detect adverse events (e.g. cardiac arrests) to increase safety in this emerging industry. A long-term goal is to fundamentally change the economics of this new sector by reducing clinical reliance on medical personnel and lower the cost-per-patient within FDA-approved treatment protocols.


Launched in May 2015, the Brain and Mental Health research strategy provides a unifying direction for brain and mental health research at the University of Calgary. This exciting strategy, led by the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, positions University of Calgary researchers to unlock new discoveries and treatments for brain health in our community by working in interdisciplinary teams.

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