MagicMed Industries

MagicMed Industries Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on creating a library of novel derivative molecules based on classic psychedelics such as psilocybin, N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), mescaline, ibogaine, MDMA and LSD.

MagicMed’s molecular derivatives library, the Psybrary™, is intended to be an essential building block from which industry partners can develop new patented products.

The Psybrary™
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Our Partners

Partners targeting specific indications can survey the derivatives contained in the Psybrary™ and select candidates for focused drug development.

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MagicMoments, a new series focused on providing insights into a wide range of topics in the psychedelic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries ranging from patents and AI technology to drug development.

Combining PsyAI™ and the Psybrary™, our proprietary library of psychedelic derivatives, creates an opportunity to accelerate the development of optimized pharmaceutical candidates, each potentially tailored specifically for difficult-to-treat mental health indications.

Dr. Joseph Tucker